another post about a run. skip if this ain’t yo’ thing.

Ran my second 10K yesterday. It went much better than the first, mainly because I had an idea of what to expect. Secondly, it was an out and back course and in the city where I live, so I knew the route well.

The morning was cold: in the 30s, so I prepared by wearing a hat, gloves, long-sleeved jersey and a shirt under it, along with running tights. Had a major kickass mix on the iPod and felt ready.

A bunch of high school boys from Edcouch-Elsa’s Junior ROTC were next to me. Their coach led cheers and chants and their enthusiasm was contagious. Flags from other ROTC groups fluttered in the cool wind.

Everything started off well, but by Mile 2, my iPod died. Maybe it was the cold and it went on strike. I didn’t want to fool around with it too much because I was trying to beat my time from the last time.

I gave up on music and settled for the ROTC kids’ cheers and encouragement to each other.

At 5 miles, my left knee started hurting, but I figured it had to do with the cold, so I just pushed.

Got into the stadium at Mile 6 and was a little disappointed that 60 minutes had already passed. That was my goal.

I crossed the finish line at 1:04 minutes, shattering my previous time of 1:08. Hopefully, next time, I’ll shear off four more minutes.

The other thing that kept me motivated is that I have a pretty big birthday coming up on Saturday and I wanted to ring out the old year in style. And I did.


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