setting a terrible example

I spent much of yesterday reading the NYT story about Jerry Sandusky, along with the hundreds of comments from readers. In between, I had this fascination with Herman Cain’s impending announcement, where he ultimately suspended his campaign.

The Sandusky story makes me seethe. I felt like the reporter was too even-handed in how she treated him (watch the video linked above). She seemed way too empathetic and easy on him in her questioning. I realize she is highly decorated as a journalist. I get the notion of being empathetic in hopes of making the subject relax and tell all. Unfortunately, this guy is a fucking sociopath and deserved to be subjected to what I call “bad-cop interviewing.” This is where, after having gotten nowhere with the “good-cop” style, where you lob softballs, you start hammering the person and not letting them off the hook. Hell, Bob Costas did a great job of chipping away at this asshole.

I think Becker underestimated what she was dealing with and ended up letting him lie and soft-peddle his way through the interview. 

I even did a little research, just because I am intrigued by this guy and his audacity. If you read some of the story’s comments, there are former victims of pedophilia who said that they always deny what they did and try to make it sound like the child encouraged it.

It discourages me that people like this guy are revered, along with JoPa (Joe Paterno), just because they had a winning football team. Does that mean winning trumps sacrificing good character and maturity and doing the right thing?

And then there’s Herman Cain. His poor wife. It was astonishing to hear him say that all those women and their stories are just not true. Just like Sandusky.

How do so many women, independent of each other, all have compellingly similar stories? If he were truly innocent, then he would have kept on going. Clearly, he knows they’ve got something on him.

And people fawned all over him and will continue donating money to him, since he shrewdly “suspended” his campaign.

I’m just waiting until Fox News decides it’s time to trot him out as a guest commentator, like Sarah Palin, because he ain’t good for much else. He doesn’t deserve it, nor does she. But life isn’t fair that way.

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