Lost weekend….

It was a Lost Weekend in a couple of ways.

First: I think with the crazy adrenaline rush of school starting a day earlier than I’d planned, set me up for exhaustion. I know I make it look easy, but it is hard¬†to teach when you’re not planning on it.

On top of that, I taught two Spinning classes and a Pilates on Tuesday night, did school all day Wednesday and got called to sub a body sculpting class before my Spinning class that night. By the time Thursday rolled around, I was a mess: exhausted, run-down and definitely coming down with something.

I subbed out my Friday night Spin so I could get up at an unholy hour on Saturday to run a 10K in Harlingen.

Problem was, I didn’t have an address, just the location. When I googled “Harlingen Sports Complex,” the top hit was “Harlingen Sports Center.” I figured it was an honest mistake.

Unfortunately, the address led me to an abandoned warehouse area in the heart of the still-sleepy city. It was the sports center, all right, but not where I was supposed to be.

Unsure where the heck the actual place was, I headed out to the Harlingen Soccer Complex, with the naive hope I would encounter my destination nearby. I mean, they zone stuff together, right? Apparently not in Harlingen.

There were dozens of soccer families filling the parking lot and the smell of wood-fired barbecue filled the air. It smelled like towns in interior Mexico and made me nostalgic for those places.

Not wanting to waste the moment, I decided to run my own damned 10K. No $20 registration fee or crappy T-shirt, but it was OK.

I set up my iPod with the Nike chip (runners: this is a great invention for motivation and keeping track of your progress) for a 10K and began plodding along the semi-paved trail that encircled the vast complex.

The worst part about running, for me, is the boredom. As in, “are we there yet?” I knew if I ran circles around the park, I would get bored and quit. So, I ventured out onto the bike lane on the road and ran a mile or so to a traffic signal and ran back.¬†

It felt like forever, but eventually I finished. It wasn’t a particularly stellar time, but I was glad to have finished. I’m supposed to be running a half-marathon next month in Austin, but I have doubts I will do it. May wait until December for the Fiesta Marathon in McAllen and do a half then.

I need more time to train.

Meanwhile, though, I have spent the past two days blowing my nose and hope that come tomorrow, I will actually be ready for school this time.

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