crushed that like a bug (sorta)

Ran my first 10K this morning. That’s 6.2 miles for you non-metric types. It was the farthest I’ve ever gone. From Port Isabel, over the longest goddamned causeway on earth (complete with a 1.5-mile incline) and over to South Padre Island.

On paper, it sounds pretty easy. I mean, I’ve been there, done that with 5K’s, how hard could a 10K be?

It was. I’ll admit to having walked in a few spots, mainly because my head was shouting, “Hey, dumbass, you are only halfway there!”

Around the 4-4.5 mile mark, “I was like, ‘fuck this. Why did I sign up for this?’”

But then as you round the final bend, I got a kick and ran faster. I heard this guy behind me coaching his son, and it was inciting me to follow along.

I finished in an hour, 8 minutes, which is pretty respectable.

And, mercifully, the weather was perfect.

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